United States Service Dog Registry
United States Service Dog Registry
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Welcome to the United States Service Dog Registry! Our purpose is to create a powerful personal identification, reference, information and educational tool for all Service Dog handlers regardless of certification levels, training methods or other affiliations. Before we begin, you need to understand what you’re agreeing to by registering. You will be presented with important information that you need to understand and accept.

We were designed with input from experienced trainers and Service Dog owners who believe there should be an opportunity for those who wish to voluntarily and knowingly comply with not only the ADA law, but also an additional and specific set of training and behavior standards. These training and behavior standards go above and beyond the ADA.

Once your registration is completed you’ll be given a 10 digit code. You may give this code out to others if you wish and refer them to this website so that they may view your registration which acts as confirmation that you have accepted our training and behavior standards and Terms of Service. If at any point you do not wish to continue, please click “I’m not ready yet.”

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